What I do

I develop cool stuff (platform and applications)!

Being from a software engineering background, my primary focus is on strategizing, designing/architecting and implementing distributed, scalable and resilient server side systems primarily through Java / Scala based technologies. (btw, Scala truly rocks)

I have developed strong passion and rich experience around security and to this effect have designed and developed multiple security use cases such as anomaly detections on very large datasets using deep learning and graph analytics as well as privacy protocols using advanced cryptographic techniques over distributed computing platform. I've proven track record in implementing powerful and scalable platforms to solve multiple challenging use cases for stream processing, batch and graph analytics using distributed computation and datastore technologies that includes (but not limited to) Spark, Kafka, S3, Cassandra and Hadoop technologies. I'm passionate about solving tough problems and use cases and engineering them to work at both speed (low latency) and scale to millions of users but at the same time strive to keep simple and lean.

Previously, I worked in a high volume SaaS environment and focused on the enterprise connected services / APIs strategy, designing and implementing cutting-edge, highly robust Services Gateway infrastructure using different EAI patterns, open source ESB and integration technologies. Also, having started on the SOA journey as an early adopter I have learned and gained strong experience and have developed more emphasis and advocacy for REST based services/APIs and practical implementation of lean architectures.

I consider my core expertise in following areas:

Everything Security | Everything Data | Java | Scala | Distributed Computing and Storage | Anomaly detections | Privacy Protocols | Application Security | Secure Application Development | Resiliency | Cloud Computing | Low Latency and Scale

Who I am

Result-oriented hands-on engineer and architect with large experience in software engineering across multiple disciplines including security, software architecture and cutting-edge development. Strong believer in "Code wins arguments". A technology enthusiast, self-driven and really enjoy researching and engineering solutions for tough problems with utmost passion and zeal. A strong believer in execution, striving for excellence and innovation and possess high commitment to ethical integrity.

I love everything related to fitness - weightlifting & strength training, kickboxing and also an avid Muay Thai fan. I like getting involved into anything space related stuff and chasing simple philosophies.

My Inspirations/Influencers

  My family for simply everything
  Steve Jobs (of course) for his vision and passion towards work
  Number of other entrepreneurs and visionaries, but here are just few of the top inspirational quotes for me:


- "Your time is limited, so don't waste it by living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know, what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary".

- "Here's To The Crazy Ones. The misfits. The rebels. The trouble-makers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status-quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify, or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world - are the ones who DO !"

- "Think big, Think fast, Think ahead. Ideas are no ones monopoly"

- "You become what you Think, You get what you Aim"

- "Defy the received wisdom"


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